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The Pancake Kingdom™ Presents

The Best-Selling

Book by

Matthew M. Martin

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My Story

I am the architect that never grew up. My day job for decades has been in the theme park industry. Creating and master planning theme parks, themed attractions, museums, visitor centers, and youth ministry buildings.  I am an idea generator, hands-on designer, writer, collaborator, and thinker of fun things.  Some of my favorite projects include Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure at Universal Islands of Adventure, Ninjago the Ride at LEGOLAND Parks, Battlestar Galactica the Ride at Universal Studios Singapore, and The West Virginia State Museum.     


I have a BA Architecture from Syracuse, an MFA Set Design from Boston University, a wife, 3 kids, and an unbridled passion for being an awesome Dad.

Interview with the author

Sample Pages

A unique cookbook for dads that is part Mystery Science Theater 2000, part Diners Drive-ins & Dives, part Best Damn Sports Show, part architect's sketchbook, and all Big Daddy. Perfect for anyone who wants to make really killer cakes and have fun doing it.

My Books

Ok. Why a book for dads, on pancakes?

When my son Griffin was 2, I started taking him out Saturday mornings for “dude breakfast”. A time for father and son to bond, talk about the man-secrets of the universe, and give Mom a break. As our family grew to 3 kids, dude breakfast gave way to doing “Daddy breakfast” at home. Usually pancakes. We had fun, it made us closer, and our breakfasts were less expensive, healthier, and damn tasty. The simple act of breakfast became a mash up of feasting, games, research, activities and even travel. The day the kids declared, “Dad you’re the Pancake King”, I realized what a miracle this time was. Being Dad had gone to a whole new level. 


For those who have the guts to choose, I submit that every dad can be the pancake king.


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