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Creative Consultant


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Mr. Martin is an experienced themed entertainment creative executive and global team leader with a strong track record for developing exciting, innovative and inspirational designs for attractions and experiences. He is a trusted advisor, creator and collaborator with senior executives, team leaders, and a wide range of consultants. Matthew has particular expertise on complex large developments and attractions where cutting-edge technology, compelling storytelling, and cultural understanding are crucial to future growth, brand identity, and company prosperity.

Overall Vision Casting

Create bold compelling visions that startle, amaze, and amuse, touch, move, and inspire. Big ideas that leverage architecture and master planning with fantastic thematic overlay and devout deployment of brand adherence and IP canon.

Thematic Development

Extensive theming and show experience in developing compelling story-based experiences and attractions. Concepts and inputs based on understanding and training in buildable architectural space, blended with professional set design, elevated by a vast knowledge of film and thematic inspiration.

Bid and Award

History on both sides of the fence, as design consultant bidder, internal client design leader, as well as owner representative. Brings invaluable understanding and depth in a wide range of bid and award documentation and expectations. From Universal Studios to Merlin to Saudi Entertainment Ventures, the variation in scope and complexity is as varied as their geographical location.

Cultural Nuance

Led multiple global creative units with a strong focus on cultural understanding, blending of best entertainment practice and compelling placemaking into regional context and traditions.  Experience in the Middle East, Europe, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Design Process

Trusted design process advisor and developer. Built, refined, and deployed the design process from Blue Sky to Delivery for clients and parent companies spanning 25 years of creative service. Focus on medium specific by phase for maximum efficiency with honest time accommodation for the best possible creative output.


Theme parks, themed attractions, shows and spectaculars, water parks, zoos, aquariums, museums and exhibits, theater, film, TV, trade show experiences, visitor centers, corporate centers, dreams yet to come.


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